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U Bring Change 2 Mind (UBC2M)

U Bring Change 2 Mind is a student organization for students who want to make a difference in the perceptions of mental health on IU's campus. By hosting events, panels, & competitions, UBC2M aims to destigmatize mental illnesses.

UKIRK at Indiana University (UKIRK at IU)

A Presbyterian ministry to students at Indiana University that seeks to create an alternative space for engaging those questions of faith and identity through worship, mission, and study.

Ukrainian Studies Organization at Indiana University (UkrSO)

Ukrainian Studies Organization at Indiana University

Undergraduate Business Diversity Council at Kelley (UBDC)

Undergraduate Business Diversity Council at Kelley provides academic and professional resources to underrepresented minorities in the Kelley school.

Undergraduate Finance Club at Indiana University (Finance Club)

The Undergraduate Finance Club teaches preliminary financial knowledge to undergraduate students. Our officers provide weekly meetings with speakers and organizations to hone theoretical and practical skills that members can apply to their future careers

Undergraduate Journal of Law & Disorder (L&D/Law & Disorder)

We are an undergraduate journal that publishes articles about the law as it affects special education or emotional/psychological disorders. The executive board accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

Undergraduate Linguistics Club (UnderLings)

The Undergraduate Linguistics Club is for undergraduate students interested in linguistics.

Undergraduate Mock Trial (Mock Trial)

Mock Trial is a competitive legal exercise where undergraduates attempt to litigate a case. By engaging in trial simulations with teams from other institutions, students develop exceptional critical thinking and public speaking skills.

Undergraduate Physics Club (UPC)

The UPC is an organization of IUB students interested in physics.

Undergraduate Policy Student Organization (UPSO at IU)

USPO aims to engage the undergraduate community at Indiana University with matters of public policy, with the aims of developing members’ depth of knowledge on such matters and their skills in conducting civil and open-minded exploration

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