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TableTalk at Indiana University (TableTalk)

TableTalk is a framework for conversation between people who would not interact under ordinary circumstances.

Tae Kwon Do Club (IUTKD)

Our club practices Ji Do Kwan style Tae Kwon Do. We are a part of the United Federation of Taekwondo Instructors (UFTI). Those with any level of experience are welcome to join!

Taiwanese Student Association (TWSA)

Taiwanese Student Association


TAMID at IU is an apolitical, areligious student run organization designed to provide business-minded students with real world international business experience through consulting and investing in Israeli start up companies.

Tau Beta Sigma Rho Chapter (TBS)

Tau Beta Sigma is a co-ed honorary sorority that provides services to the bands here at Indiana University. We also provide leadership opportunities for women and help overall promote the ideals of music appreciation and service.

Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE)

We are an on campus fraternity that takes pride in our abilities in many areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, educational success, athletic success, philanthropy, and community service.

Tau Sigma National Honor Society at IUB (Tau Sigma)

Tau Sigma National Honor Society at IUB

TEAM: Find your Team, Get to Work (TEAM)

TEAM is a discussion-based group dedicated to exploring ways to be productive and happy advocates of change in everyday life, with guest speakers explaining and discussing issues like effective arguments, and how to be motivated and inspired.

Technology Management Club (TMC)

Technology Management Club is a student-lead organization that focuses on today's topics that merge technology and business. We host professional networking, guest-lead discussions, and social events for our members.


TEDxIndianaUniversity is a conference to be held at Indiana University - Bloomington that brings together innovative thinkers from across the states to explore ideas for our collective future. We look forward to hosting our third event this Fall!

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