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Sacred Dance Institute

Sacred Dance Institute

Safety Escort

Safety Escort

Sales Club at the Kelley School of Business (KSC)

The Sales Club exists to develop its members into top-tier professional salespeople. In the end, the members of the club will become tomorrow’s top Sales Professionals equipped with the necessary skills to set them apart from their peers.

Samulnori Korean Percussion Ensemble at Indiana University (SKPE)

Samulnori Korean Percussion Ensemble at Indiana University.

Sand Volleyball Club at Indiana University (Sand Volleyball at IU)

The Indiana University Sand Volleyball Club is a club that gives students the opportunity to participate in the popular sport of sand volleyball in an open and non-competitive environment. The club aims to bring students together and utilize the outdoors

Saudi Student Club in Bloomington (SSCB)

This organization is a student organization at Indiana University - Bloomington. The objectives of the organization shall be: a) To promote interest in history and culture of Saudi Arabia and hold important Saudi events e.x Saudi National Day in campus.

Scholars Without Borders (SWOB)

Scholars Without Borders looks to bridge the gap between all of the cultures represented at Indiana University

Scholarship Advisory Committee (SAC)

The Scholarship Advisory Committee (SAC) is a student organization sponsored by the Office of Scholarships that assists in recruiting potential students for Indiana University.

School of Education Graduate Student Association (SOEGSA)

The School of Education Graduate Student Association (SOEGSA) supports School of Education graduate students' intellectual, social, and professional development and encourages collaboration across the School of Education and its departments.

School of Informatics and Computing (SOIC)

SOIC aims to provide talented graduates and professional expertise to a wide range of computing and information technology businesses and occupations, and places special emphasis on partnering with information technology businesses and needs in Indiana.

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