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Raas at IU (HoosierRaas)

Raas at IU is a competitive dance team specializing in the Indian dance from of Garba/Dandiya Raas.

Raas Royalty (RR)

An Indian Cultural Dance Competition at the Indiana University Auditorium

Raising Awareness of Interactions in Sexual Encounters (RAISE at IU)

Raising Awareness of Interactions in Sexual Encounters is a co-ed group with a focus on sexual assault education and advocating for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Real Estate Club at Indiana University (RE Club at IU)

The mission of our club is to provide members networking opportunities for internships and full-time employment, offer educational forums to familiarize our members with career paths in real estate, encourage job shadowing, and promote mentorships.

Real Food Challenge (RFC)

Real food encompasses a concern for producers, consumers, communities, and the earth. Real Food Challenge will work to create a more just food system at Indiana University.

Recreational Sports Graduate Assistant Association (GA Association)

Recreational Sports Graduate Assistant Association is an organization where the graduate assistants for IURS can meet to discuss their programs and promote student development.

Recreational Sports Sorority Council

The Recreational Sports Sorority Council is comprised of chapter representatives from various sororities at Indiana University. The purpose of the council is to promote healthy, active lifestyles within the Greek community.

Recreational Therapy Club at Indiana University (RT Club)

Students studying or interested in Recreational Therapy engaging in volunteer opportunities, service projects, internships, networking w/ faculty & professionals, developing relationships w/ peers, and participating in fun & leisure!

Redeemer at Indiana University (Redeemer at IU)

Redeemer at Indiana University

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