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Pageantry at IU

Pageantry at IU is a volunteer group that holds the Miss Indiana University Pageant. Members secures sponsorships, volunteer throughout the community, recruit contestants, and more. All students are welcome to join and make our pageant successful.

Paintball Club at IU (PB at IU)

We play paintball at college tournaments and recreational outings, come join us!

Painting Guild (N/A)

The Painting Guild is a group of Indiana University graduate painting students that promote professional development and community involvement in the arts.

Pakistani Student Association (PSA)

This organization aims to support Pakistani culture and values and introduce those aspects of Pakistani culture to the larger student body at Indiana University through events and outreach.

Pan-Asian Informatics and Computing Community (AICC)

Pan-Asian Informatics and Computing Community is a community within School of Informatics and Computing focused on networking Korean students. AICC works collaboratively with major and non-major students.

Panhellenic Association (PHA)

Panhellenic Association

Parkour and Freerunning at Indiana University

We practice and train parkour and freerunning around IU's campus. All are welcome, regardless of skill level or prior experience.

Pathfinder Lodge at Indiana University (PFS@IU)

Pathfinder Lodge at Indiana University supports casual, social tabletop RPG play on campus. People of all levels of experience with tabletop roleplay are welcome to attend, and there are opportunities to play as little or as often as you like!

Patriots at IU (PAIU)

Patriots at IU (PAIU) is an organization that spreads patriotism and support for our first responders and military. PAIU appreciates the sacrifices these men and women make every single day.

Peer Involvement Mentors

Peer Involvement Mentors helps facilitate extracurricular involvement at Indiana University by putting on events such as the Fall and Winter Student Involvement Fairs.

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