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IAM - Indiana All-Media is a multimedia production house that strives to give students real world knowledge and experience through collaboration.

Iberoamerican Film Crew at IU (IFCIU)

The Iberoamerican Film Crew promotes the study of Spanish, media and cinema, communication, and international studies by hosting activities and opportunities to enrich the learning and cultural experience outside of the classroom.

Ignition at IU

Ignition at IU is a club catered towards motivated Business and Pre-Business students in order to accelerate learning outside of the classroom as well as provide opportunities to venture into new fields of business.

In Light Film Festival Student Organization (ILFF)

The In Light Film Festival is aimed at promoting and supporting Human rights documentary films on Indiana University's campus.

In the Know (ITK)

In the Know is a fun organization that focuses on trivia with an academic quiz bowl style.

Independent Council for Women at Indiana University (IC at IU)

Independent Council is a social and philanthropic organization for non-Greek women at Indiana University.

Indian Student Association (ISA at IU)

The Indian Student Association is a collection of cultural, social, social justice, and philanthropic events that connects students to the Indian heritage, culture, and each other. It is open to any and all students interested.

Indiana Journal of Law and Social Equality at Indiana University (IJLSE at IU)

IJLSE at IU serves as an interdisciplinary academic forum for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students to contribute to society’s understanding of legal and policy issues concerning social justice and equality.

Indiana Law Journal (ILJ)

Founded in 1925, the Indiana Law Journal is a general-interest academic legal journal. The Journal is published quarterly by students of the Indiana University Maurer School of Law.

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