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Athletic Training Student Council

Athletic Training Student Council

College Democrats at Indiana University (Dems at IU)

A student organization focused on advancing a progressive agenda and getting Democrats elected at every level of government.

Conservation Corps at IU (CC@IU)

This organization explores concepts of conservation through alternative break trips and meetings.

Global Student Seven (GS7)

The Global Student Seven (GS7) is an advisory board to Dean Feinstein tasked with providing candid, mature student perspectives on affairs concerning the School of Global and International Studies to improve the undergraduate student experience.

Indiana Memorial Union Board (Union Board (UB))

Union Board is both the governing body of the Indiana Memorial Union and the largest student programming organization on campus. The Board plans a range of events to meet the interests and concerns of the student body. Snapchat: iu_unionboard

Indiana University Funding Board (IU Funding Board)

The IU Funding Board exists to provide funding to eligible student organizations not provided institutional support through fee collection policies made available by the University.

Indiana University Student Association (IUSA)

IUSA is the undergraduate student government at Indiana University-Bloomington. In representing over 46,000 students, our mission is to enrich student life and protect student rights.

Indiana University Student Association - Department of Student Rights (IUSASR)

The IUSA Department of Student Rights is a branch of IUSA which advocates for the rights of all IUB students. We primarily pursue this goal primarily by assisting students in navigating the campus judicial system.

Interfraternity Council at Indiana University (IFC)

Interfraternity Council at Indiana University

Journal of Constitutional Design

Journal of Constitutional Design publishes articles about constitutionalism and democracy, in conjunction with the Center for Constitutional Democracy, and provides a community for JD and PhD students to engage with the field of constitutional design.

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