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Gamers' Guild @ IU (GGIU)

We are a group of people who focus on the fun and fellowship had by playing table-top games!

Gaming @ Indiana University (Electronic Sports @ Indiana University) (Gaming at IU)

Organization to help connect and provide resources to gamers on campus. Also more prominently known for its semester LAN which feature popular tournaments, food, and prizes for about 24 hours.

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority (G Phi)

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority Inc. (Gamma Phi Omega/G Phi O)

Gamma Phi Omega International Sorority, Incorporated

Gamma Ut

Student organization of the Historical Performance Institute at Indiana University.

Gender Studies Graduate Association (GSGA)

The Gender Studies Graduate Association is an advocacy, educational, and social organization for Gender Studies PhD majors and minors at Indiana University.


Geology Club

Geography Club at Indiana University (GC at IU)

Geography Club at Indiana University

Geography Graduate Student Organization (GGSO)

The Geography Graduate Student Organization promotes and serves the intellectual, academic, social, and professional interests of the graduate students of Indiana University's Department of Geography.

Geophysical Society at Indiana University (GS at IU)

Geophysical Society at Indiana University

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