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Fantasy Sports Club at IU

Fantasy Sports Club at IU. Come live that fantasy life with us.

FASE Advisory Board (F.A.B.)

FASE Advisory Board

Feminism and Allyship Book Club (FAAB)

The Feminist and Allyship Book-Club at Indiana University was formed to help promote and inform the idea of intersectional feminism and allyship through literature and media platforms. FAAB aims to create a community for engaged and educated feminists.

Feminist Law Forum (FLF at IU)

We are a group dedicated to issues of feminist jurisprudence. We host social events for our members and beyond, and we put on events at the law school that further visibility of women's legal issues. We are dedicated to intersectional activism.

Feminist Student Association (FSA at IU)

Feminist Student Association

Filipino American Association at IU (FAA)

FAA is a student led, cultural and social organization that provides its members a community where individuals of both Filipino and non-Filipino backgrounds can unite to cultivate the understanding and appreciation of the Philippines and its culture.

Financial Engineering Club at Indiana University (FEC)

The objective of Indiana University's Financial Engineering Club is to combine the fields of mathematics, computer science, analytics and business to promote a fairly new concept in the economic world.

Fine Arts Ceramics Club (Ceramics Guild)

Fine Arts Ceramics Club

First Nations Educational and Cultural Center (FNECC)

The First Nations Center strives to support Native students and allies academically, by providing educational enrichment programming; and socially, by creating an environment wherein students can grow, learn, and develop as academics.

First Year Ambassadors (FYA)

We work directly with the Office of First Year Experience Programs to provide a holistic experience for all first-year students. We provide guidance to first-year students, exposing and connecting them to numerous opportunities and resources on campus.

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