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Camarilla Student Group (MES/The Cam)

Camarilla Student Group, affiliated with Mind's Eye Society, a gaming club and charity organization of fans of the World of Darkness games published by White Wolf. ( Learn more about our hobby--watch the attached YouTube link!

Camp Kesem at Indiana University (CK at IU)

Camp Kesem at Indiana University

Campus Ambassadors At Indiana University (CA)

Campus Ambassadors At Indiana University

Campus Girl Scouts (CGS)

Campus Girl Scouts Volunteer organization working with children. Empowering girls to grow up to be confident, courageous leaders.

Campus Ministry International (CMI)

Campus Ministry International seeks to connect students of Apostolic Pentecostal faith living and attending classes at Indiana University. CMI also seeks to encourage and give hope and peace to others by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Campus Outreach (CO)

Campus Outreach

Caving Club at Indiana University (CC at IU)

Meetings held on the 1st Thursday of every month in Geology, room 143 at 7:30 pm. Please contact Caroline Bedwell at carbedwel\ or find us on our Facebook group to learn more about upcoming events and trips.

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Student Association (CLACS SA)

An organization of graduate and undergraduate students in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, dedicated to organizing events and activities related to our field of study.

Center of Excellence for Women in Technology (CEWiT)

As the nation’s first and only interdisciplinary, university-based initiative to encourage participation, empowerment, and achievement of women students, faculty, staff, and alumnae in technology, we are providing women a place at the technology table.

CEWiT Student Alliance

CEWiT Student Alliance is a student organization formed to empower and enable women of all skill levels and disciplines to pursue opportunities in technology through collaborative development and promotion of diverse, technology-related activities.

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