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Abdullah Alamri Saturday Cultural MeetUp (AASCM)

This organization will provide a lecture in Arabic language and culture every possible Saturday to Gulf States students at IUB.

African American Dance Company (AADC)

African American Dance Company

American Choral Directors Association at IU (ACDA at IU)

ACDA, the American Choral Directors Association at IU, is a nonprofit music-education organization whose central purpose is to promote excellence in choral music through performance, composition, publication, research, and teaching. ~ From

American Marketing Association at Indiana University (IU AMA)

The American Marketing Association at Indiana University is the all-encompassing marketing organization devoted to educating and empowering members through hands-on experience and professional development to prepare them for their future careers.

American Student Radio (ASR)

American Student Radio seeks to promote audio storytelling and radio as medium and to provide a space for students, regardless of background, to create, produce, and host audio. We also seek to promote an audio community in Bloomington and nationwide.

Art History Association (AHA)

The Art History Association is dedicated to fostering a strong academic environment, providing a support network, and cultivating a sense of community for graduate students interested in art history.

Art Museum Student Organization (AMSO)

The Art Museum Student Organization of Indiana University is dedicated to promoting the Eskenazi Museum of Art by bridging the gap between students and the museum.

Artist Network at Indiana University

Artist Network at Indiana University will serve as a platform for students to connect with each other not only on a social basis but it focuses directly on skill enhancement and portfolio building regardless of any field a student has a interest in

Audio Engineering Society at Indiana University (AESIU)

The Audio Engineering Society at IU serves to create a community of students that want to expand upon their knowledge of audio engineering. The AESIU organizes several events annually with the top educators of the audio engineering field.

Auditorium Student Volunteers at IU

Auditorium Student Volunteers at IU

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