Donate to the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge

Our parent organization, Bring Change 2 Mind has been selected to participate in the Revlon LOVE IS ON 2016 Million Dollar Challenge - an online fundraising campaign supported by Crowdrise.


Help U Bring Change to Mind become a reality at other schools by supporting Bring Change 2 Mind!

This crowd sourcing campaign is a great opportunity to spread the message of Bring Change 2 Mind across the country and reduce stigma! Through this Challenge, Bring Change 2 Mind can compete for cash prize donations – the ultimate prize awarded is One Million Dollars for the organization that raises the most money from September 14 – October 26th. Please join us by making a donation or hosting your own fundraiser. It is easy and convenient and most importantly, all donations support BC2M's work to end the stigma and discrimination around mental illness.  

Additionally, by getting the attention of Revlonm we have potential partnership opportunities to see Bring Change 2 Mind grow! 

Support the cause in whatever way you can--DONATE, SHARE, SUPPORT. Let's end stigma!


Check out our page HERE.


Posted by Hannah Chiarella on September 19, 2016