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Saturday, April 22 2017, 3:00 PM to 11:45 PM

Werewolf: the Apocalypse LARP (live action role playing) game, members social dinner, & Vampire: The Masquerade LARP in Woodburn 009. Experienced gamers, newcomers, & curious observers welcome! Join us and explore the World of Darkness!

The Camarilla Student Group (affiliated nationally with Mind's Eye Society) is hosting back-to-back live action role-playing (LARP) events this semester!  Experienced gamers and curious first-timers are welcome!  We'll bring you up to speed!  Join us on Saturday, April 22 in Woodburn Hall 009, 3:00pm till late!

3:00pm-6:30pm: Werewolf LARP

The entire Mind's Eye Society has just launched a new Werewolf: The Apocalypse chronicle this spring to last for several years, so this semester is a great time to get in on the ground floor while the story and the new rules by By Night Studios are new to everyone.  As one of the most cooperatively-oriented genres in the Classic World of Darkness (as cooperative as a bunch of angry wolves and other were-creatures can be, that is), Werewolf is a great game to immerse yourself in the metaphysical rage and spiritual darkness of the World of Darkness, and can be an awesome experience for new recruits since the game includes a culture of hands-on learning as your character matures.

6:30pm-7:30pm: Members Social Dinner (Pitch-In)

From about 6:30-7:30pm we'll have our out-of-character transition time between games.  We'll catch up with friends, mentor our newer members in both our games and our club... and eat!  (Pitch-In dinner is free.  Food/drink/dishes donations welcome.)

7:30pm - late... : Vampire LARP

In the evening, we'll follow up with the World of Darkness's most popular genre Vampire: The Masquerade (featuring By Night Studios rules).  Often the first genre new LARPers get into because of its familiar mood, this game of personal/psychological horror and predatory politics in a dark world is a staple of Word of Darkness LARPing.

Do I have to dress up or do make-up?

For our LARP games, costuming and make-up are encouraged but not required, and our members incorporate them to different degrees.  As you develop a character concept to play, you'll get a feel for what's right for you and your character.  What matters is that we're all having fun telling our story together!  If we can pretend you're a centuries-old vampire, we can also pretend you have an Armani suit or a Doir gown.  ;)

If you have questions about the Camarilla Student Group or this month's event, feel free to show up and ask or contact John Scott at scottjh@indiana.edu

Our Ongoing Stories...

Our LARP is special in that for each genre we play locally, we join 1000s of players world-wide in running a continuous real-time gothic-punk / modern gothic / gothic realism story with a scope of years.  This enables us to develop rich and intricate stories of massive scope or focus our personal role-play goals on the local politics or psychological experiences of the lycanthrope (were-creatures) or Kindred (vampire) conditions as we like.  The creative experience is wide open!

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

This is a strange season, if you know what the signs really mean.  Everywhere green shoots are breaking the soil--the raw energy of the Wyld bringing life to Gaia's soil once again--emerging only to discover that the Weaver in her foresight has been busy already, ensuring that each new seedling is bound to the orderly rank and file of furrows and irrigation lines--the dawning of green life planned and ordered into geometric arrays to be seen from the vantage of the skies.  The randomness and emergence of life is tamed by the Weaver's Children.  In such a land as this, with few exceptions, Earth Day is but a ceremonial homage to a dream of what once was or might yet be but hasn't been for generations, a dream overlooked by the busy Hoosier folk who till and toil to scratch out a living in Southern Indiana during this, the grim and hungry Age of Apocalypse...

We've just launched the new chronicle, and there's plenty of room for more players!  Come join us and help us lay the groundwork for the next few years of Apocalypse LARP fun!  Our session will be a mixture of settling details, feeling out leadership roles in the area, and some local plot motifs to challenge your characters (and learn a little about the BNS rules).

See our Bloomington Apocalypse Venue Wiki Page!

Vampire: The Masquerade

Our local Kindred (vampire) story has swung back and forth with the political division between Bloomington, a thriving city nominally claimed by the Kindred of the Camarilla under the praxis claim of Prince Pinkerton of Clan Nosferatu, and Bedford, a much smaller bygone city inhabited by numerous Kindred of the Anarch Movement.  In both cities, other creatures found in the shadows of the World of Darkness provide the Kindred with challenges they barely comprehend as they try to hold on to some sense of "control" of their domains.  But massive political tectonic shifts are afoot...

This month...

With the winds of change buffeting the Camarilla, lines are being drawn in the sand all over the world. In Bloomington, alliances have shattered and uncertain futures loom on the horizon. As fully half the local population has left to prepare for the coming storm, how will those who remain deal with the troubles that knock at their doors?

Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood VST here, inviting you to come join us for our final game of the chronicle as we send it off. Will it end with a bang, or a whisper?

Woodburn Hall 009

1100 E 7th St., Bloomington, IN
Event Categories:

Discussion/Rally, Membership Solicitation, Performance