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Wednesday, April 26 2017, 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

FNECC Speaker Series Presents Leslie Drane

Building Communities through Place: Investigations at the John Chapman Site

How are places used and how does that affect us as people? In order to address this question and study how places and communities are constructed, I use the case study of the John Chapman site, a Pre-Columbian mounded village located along the Apple River in modern-day Hanover, Illinois. At approximately A.D. 1050, archaeological evidence suggests that Mississippian migrants from Cahokia traveled to the area and interacted with the Late Woodland people already occupying the land. Mississippians shred their new way of life, which encompassed inventive material and architectural styles, political and economic control, and religious beliefs. Studying these changes allows us to observe how alterations in material culture indicate possible changes in community. I engage with theory that utilizes the concept of personhood and space and place theory in order to advocate for the idea that places and materials have the potential to be alive and active beings that can affect human lives. With my work, I conceptualize the manners in which materials and places can add to and create communities. In this presentation, I discuss my recent archaeological and ethnographic research projects at the John Chapman site, and how these data can inform us about communities.

IU FNECC First Nations Educational and Cultural Center

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